Things Dumbledore Did That’d Be Creepy If You Did them

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You’ll pry my Oxford comma from my cold, dead, and lifeless hands.

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one time i was channel surfing and i came to a scene in twilight where rob pattinson climbs up into a tree as edward cullen and i changed the channel and rob pattinson hopped out of a tree as cedric diggory from harry potter

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Books more people should read
» Midnighters by Scott Westerfeld «


For one secret hour each night, the town belongs to the dark creatures that haunt the shadows. Only a small group of people know about the secret hour — only they are free to move about the midnight time.

These people call themselves Midnighters. Each one has a different power that is strongest at midnight: Seer, Mindcaster, Acrobat, Polymath. For years the Midnighters and the dark creatures have shared the secret hour, uneasily avoiding one another. All that changes when the new girl with an unmistakable midnight aura appears at Bixby High School.

Jessica Day is not an outsider like the other Midnighters. She acts perfectly normal in every way. But it soon becomes clear that the dark creatures sense a hidden power in Jessica … and they’re determined to stop her before she can use it.

Recommended by merida-pond

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Doesn’t that look beautiful?

Like something you’d find on one of those soft/pale/rosy/grunge blogs? 

Well nothing too rosy on my blog. 

The Bolton Strid in England is one of the most innocent looking streams. 

Though it looks like you could just hop across the rocks, but if you miss you will die for sure. It packs very rapid currents just a couple of feet below its surface. No one really knows how deep it really is. Nobody who has ever fallen into the Strid has survived. It has a 100% fatality rate.

It’s always the things I google expecting to be false that wind up being horribly true.


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fleur delacour is so important i can’t even put it into words

badass girl whose “most precious” was her sister, who despite what anyone might think of her (cough molly cough ron cough hermione cough) looks past any aesthetic unpleasantries because she is completely and irrevocably in love with bill, who willingly risks her life for harry (the seven harrys, anyone???), who manages to create a spot of brightness in the middle of war (wedding!!!), who is feminine and badass at the same time, who opens her home to an entitled goblin and multiple refugees/runaways, who doesn’t sacrifice one bit of her integrity or character despite the looming threat of war

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so no change



so no change


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Half of the women I spoke to said , would he admit that’s he’s bit of a sexist, misogynistic — he sees women only in sexual terms?  (x)

This is it, this is how I’m going to explain privilege to the next one.

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did that fucker just jump on water is this fucking cat jesus

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Final Fantasy XIII SeriesRandom 500px Gifs [1/]

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I used being on a plane at sunrise as an opportunity to play with my circular polarizer, and got some colorful results.

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